History of the Name
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     The Corp. William F. Reardon Chapter 57 was formed in Taunton, October 29, 1934. The following was taken from the Taunton Daily Gazette regarding that first meeting.

     "At a meeting of Disabled American Veterans 0f Taunton and vicinity held Tuesday evening at the studio of The Quigley Players, Corporal. William F. Reardon Chapter, Disabled Veterans of the World War, received its charter. The following officers were elected or appointed, and were installed by National Organizer William J. Dodd: Commander Elmer L. Sault, Adjutant Archie G. Peck, Treasurer Joseph C. Poirier, Senior Vice Commander William H. Henshall, Junior Vice Commander John J. Nellis, Chaplain William Benoit, Officer 0f the Day Thomas Nassar, Trustees Charles Lecroix, Bernard Brady and Edmund Garceau, Liaison Officer Joseph Poirier, Member of State Executive Conunittee, Elmer Sault, Alternate, William Henshall.

     The Corporal William F. Reardon Chapter received its charter in Taunton on October 29, 1934.  The original charter was granted under the name of Corp. William F. Reardon Chapter, Disabled Veterans of the World War. The Chapter takes its name from one who gave untiringly of his time and his personal funds in aiding the disabled veterans.  Corporal Reardon served in the Second Balloon Corps in the Regular Army during the World War I. He enlisted and received his honorable discharge. He saw action in St. Mihlel, Marne, Alnse-Marne, Argonne and Toul sectors.  In addition to his serving as a service officer, he was also burial agent.

             The Chapter began to decline in the 1990's. However, a group of dedicated individuals built Chapter 57 up from its low point   in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Then Commander Mort Morin began re-building with a die hard core of five individuals. They included Armando Medeiros, Charlie Bliss, Carl Olson, Richard LaVoie and Paul Waldron. It was this team that was able to turn a dying Chapter into a great, thriving, vibrant Chapter 57. Ultimately the Chapter got the name “The Can Do Chapter”. It seemed like there was nothing that they couldn’t do or accomplish.  The individuals being sworn into offices today have all continued to build on the Chapter's new foundation. We are proud of each of them.

             That core of individuals began with their first forget me not drive. They began running programs at the VA Hospital in Brockton, that had been abandoned as a Chapter activity.  Next came the Newsletter because it was important to communicate with our members. The next big event was the Chapter’s own TV Show. There have now been over sixty of these shows produced.  Then came our Chapter Color Guard and the first time they appeared was in the  Elk’s Flag Day Ceremony in 2005. In March 2009 the biggest event in the Chapter’s history occurred.  Chapter 57 after seventy five years had a Headquarters of their own to call home.

              The Chapter Headquarters is now open Monday through Friday (except Holidays) from 9am – Noon to serve the needs of Veterans that are looking for assistance in filing claims with the Veterans Administration for Service connected physical or mental conditions. Fully trained Chapter 57 Service Officers are available to help wade through the paperwork and assist you in determining the nature of your claim. This is a great service to our veteran community.