In Memoriam

Global War on Terrorism Memorial

Please Scroll down and read the names of our Comrades that we continue to miss and offer a prayer in their memory.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetary reminds us of the sacrifices of all veterans.  This page pays tribute to all veterans, especially those of the Disabled American Veterans of Chapter 57 of Taunton, Massachusetts.




Our Latest Departed Comrade

May he find eternal peace.


 Martin "Pete" Fox

July 2011

US Marine Corps Vietnam Era










Alphabetical Listing Of Our Departed Comrades
Last             First        Middle      MO/Year       Service        Served
Name          Name      Initial        Of Death        Branch        During

Allen               Walter                               1/09                      UKN                UKN

Amora             Stanley         J.                 3/09                      Army              WWII

Araujo             William       J.                 3/05                      Army              WW II

Bagdon            Adam                                7/08                       Army             WW II

Barreiros        David           G.                 1/07                      USMC            Korea

Bass                 Harold                            12/08                      UKN               UKN

Bissonette      Charles                            6/98                     Army              Korea

Bliss                Charles       W.                2/05                     Army              WW II

Borges            George                            12/04                     Army              WW II

Coehlo             James                               7/03                      Army              Vietnam
Cornell            Irving          D.                 ?/03                      Army               WW II
Costa               Anibal       "Bo"              7/09                      Army               WW II
Courcy            Edmond        J.                 6/04                      Army               WW II
Curley            William        P.              10/08                      Army               Korea
Darling           Ernest                              2/06                      Army               WW II
Da Rosa          John             G.                6/04                      Army                Korea
Deane             Joseph          F.              12/08                                               WW II 
Doherty          Robert          E.                8/08            Army Air Force      WW II
Durand           R.                                   12/03                     Army                 Korea
Farinha          Joseph          D.               4/06                     Army                WW II
Flannery        Richard        F.                2/05                    Army                 Korea
Gamarche      Leo               J.                7/08                     Army                WW II
Gay                 Robert                             2/04                     Army                WW II
George           Joseph                            ????                     UKN                 UKN
Goulart           Frederick   H.               1/06                      Navy                 WW II
Goulet            Alfred C                          1/04                     Army                WW II
Grealish         Michael       G.               ?/02                     UKN                  WW II
Griffith           Tilmon                         11/03                     Army                WW II
Hackett          Raymond                        4/04                     Army                WW II
Henrique        Arthur         F.            12/07                     USMC               Vietnam
Holmes          William        R.              2/09                     USMC               WW II
Hull                Leonard        E.              2/06                      Army                WW II
Iwanicki         William       C.             6/04                      Army                 WW II
Jason             Ronald          E.              2/08                      Army                 CW /VEra
Jil                   Daniel          M.           11/06                     Army                  WW II
Jordan            Harold         A.            12/03                     UKN                   UKN
King               William       M.           10/05                     Army                  WW II
Kingsbury      Charles      L.              1/05                     Army                  WW II
Lacy               John                               2/08                     Army                  WWII
Lavigne          Robert         F.               3/09                     Army                   Viet. Era
Le Clair          Henry         A.              9/02                     Army                  WW II
Lentz              Clifford       L.              UKN                      UKN                   UKN
Levesque       Adrien         R.              5/10                      Army                 WW II
Machado        Antone                        12/08                      Army                 WW II
Machnik         Kazemer     J.             2/05                      Army                 WW II
Mahoney        Richard       D.             2/04                      Army                 WW II
Manning         Patrick       L.           11/02                       UKN                  UKN
Martyniak      John                             7/05             Army AirForce        WWII
Masapolo       Gaetano  " Guy"          8/05            Marines/Army          Korea/Vietnam
Mason Jr.       William      F.              8/02                    Marines              Korea
McDermott    Arthur         T.             5/07                    Army                   WW II
Menice           Everett         F.              5/10                    Army                   WW II
Mellon            Richard       B.             6/09                    Army                   Vietnam
Mora              Joseph          R.             8/08                    Army                   WW II
Nasise            James          V.               5/09                  Army                    WW II
Ohler              William      H.             12/08                 Army                    WW II
Oldfield Sr.     Kenneth    R.               4/04                  Army                    Vietnam
Olson              Carl                               3/03                  Army                     WW II
Palladino        Ernest         N               9/09                    Navy                     WW II
Parks              Edward       W.           11/ 08                  Army                    WW II
Patrick Sr.      Frederick                   3/09                    UKN                     UKN
Pelletier          Paul                              1/03                   Air Force            Vietnam
Perry               Eugene       J.               4/04                   Army                    Korea
Picher              Edward      S.                1/04                  Navy                      Vietnam
Piechota          Edward       P.               3/03                   UKN                     WW II
Rague             Dominic      V.              1/04                   Navy /USAF         Korea Vietnam

Regan             John            E.              ????                   UKN                       UKN
Reichenberg   Frank        T.             12/05                  Army                     WW II
Rodrigues      Octavio       P.             12/06                  US Marines          WWII
Roggero         Marcello     S.               9/06                  Army                     WW II
Rose               Frank                          12/03                  Army                      WW II
Rose               Leonel         S.                1/04                 Army                     WW II
Schondek       Wesley                          3/06                 Navy                       Korea
Sears              Edward       J.                 8/06                Army                      WW II
Sikorski       John            J.                 5/09                 Navy                       WW II
Silva               Leonard      P.                4/03                 Army                      WW II
Silvia             John             G.               8/09                 Navy                        WW II
Soule              Leon           A.                4/05       Army/ Air  Force            Korea
Stadnisky      Walter                           4/05                 Army                      WW II
Starck            Leon           G,               4/04                  Navy                        Vietnam
Steen             John            W.              7/03                  Army                      WW II

Swan              Edmond                        12/08                  UKN                        UKN
Tainsh           Thomas        J.             ????                   UKN                        UKN
Viveiros        Alfred                           1/04                    Army                      WW II
Wade            John              T.               2/09                  Army                      WW II
Warrish        Michael                         9/03                   UKN                        UKN
Watson         Frederick    J.               10/06                 Navy                       WW II
Whalen         Raymond     P.             2003                    UKN                        UKN
Windle          Allen            L.             2/08                    Army                      WWII   Korea
Xavier           Joseph                        10/03                    Army                      WW II
Zagol             Walter         F.            9/06                     Army                      WW II